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My friend and coworker, Lee French has a personal website to talk a little bit about his life and showcase his adventures.

This site is an informative look into the things that make my life an adventure. I'm by no means an expert at everything I do, but I strive for success in all I do.

I've been asked by many people many different times why I do what I do. This is my way of explaining it. I will guide you through the adventures I have had and continue to have in my life. This will be an adventure, maybe not a National Geographic Special, but definitely worthy of a small paragraph buried on page 7 of the Wednesday paper.

The primary goal of this journey is a learning experience, to learn more about ourselves and others. And of course there is the chance that we might get to help some folks along the way. And that makes the trip worth while.

Check out for more information. Lee is also part of my network at / mlfrench.

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