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2007/12/05 :: Graphic Design for Interactive Media and Print

A friend and former coworker I admire has left her daily job as a graphic web designer and is leaping into independent work as a freelance for-hire web designer.

You have reached the online portfolio of Janet Lackey. I'm a graphic designer living in the midwestern U.S. city of St. Louis, Missouri. As I approach a decade in the design field, I find what makes my career so enjoyable are the colorful variety of projects and clients I work with.

If there's anyone that can pull this off and be successful, it's Janet. So check out Also, catch up with her stuff on her blog, her LinkedIn profile and her flickr photos.

For the record, I'm not stalking her. She just has a lot of cool stuff she does online and this is just a few that I know of.

Graphic Designer

2007/11/14 fantasy gallery of illustrator Ryan VanMeter

A few months back, my friend Ryan registered a domain and set up a website to showcase his fantasy artwork. I posted about Psycho-Ink previously, but Ryan got a real domain and is developing it with a little troubleshooting help from me.

Check out


Mark McCoy

My friend and coworker, Mark, has updated his website. He didn't win the mayor's seat back in March, but he is still stirring up activism and enthusiasm. His ideas are pretty out there, but this is only a symptom of his genius.

Learn more about Mark McCoy, Delegate-Hopeful for the Illinois Constitutional Convention.


Rubber Universe

Two of my friends, Robert Noles & Gina Ronat, are members of a band called Rubber Universe. Check out their site and their MySpace page. Robert also has a personal site called N9XS.COM.



My coworker, Matt, has a personal site and blog with a pretty interesting design. Check out indiekidonline, as well as Matt's Flickr Pics.


HotBloc Online Store

My friend and coworker, Kevin, has an online store of refurbished technology products where you should be shopping.

HotBloc is one of the fastest growing online merchandise brokers to hit the internet. We are trying our very best to be first in customer service, with some of the most competitive pricing in the industry, specializing in new and refurbished items from the best names in the business!

Shop at today. Also, be sure to check out Big Kev's two blogs at HotBloc and Game Day Ballaz.


jer86gn on

My coworker and friend Jeremy uploads lots of pictures from his cell phone directly to an online account so that their shared instantly. See his profile on


Mark McCoy

Apparently, my friend and coworker, Mark, is running for public office in Collinsville. It's too bad that I don't reside in Illinois or I'd vote for him as many times as I could.

Learn more about Mark McCoy, the ONLY viable candidate for Mayor of Collinsville.



Gaming-PCs is open for business and your best bet for a high performance computer deal. is focused on providing the best computer for the money. We compete against and almost always beat the prices of larger computer companies such as:

We use only high-quality materials and manufacturer parts from the biggest names including but not limited to:

All of our computers are assembled by trained staff, and they are all put together by hand. We use screws and pins that are packaged by the manufacturers, we don’t insert needless, breakable plastic parts that can become loose or break. Plastic parts may make installation faster, and easier, but they also can make the computer less reliable so we will not use them unless they are recommended by individual component manufacturers.

If you are looking for a great deal on a new PC, be sure to check them out.

Dogtown Apartment

Dogtown Apartment - Welcome maybe we will have content one day

Yeah, I doubt it. At this point, there's a cool header logo and that's about it.

Update (2008/12/31): At this point, Aaron is testing some sort of CSS Dock Menu. Also, check out the "message" and "table" page. Cool JavaScripty stuff.


Legend of the Five by Toni Philips

Antonia Philips is another coworker of mine. Her and her husband Rick were mentioned previously with Ricks-Garage. The two of them share my interests in many things, including fantasy literature. In fact, she is a writer. Read about her book series "Legend of the Five".

Update (2007/02/13): Firstly, Rick and Toni got a divorce. Neither work for MonsterCommerce anymore. Toni's website about her book is currently in a hiatus/construction mode, so there isn't currently much information about the book. The design does look pretty cool in progress though.

Legend of the Five Logo

I also wanted to include some other information about Toni's work history. Interestingly, she used to work for a video game company named Meridian 59. You can also see some information on MobyGames. Post-MonsterCommerce, she now works for MasterCard.

Rick's Garage

Rick Nelson, Toni Phillips & Jeremy Galba maintain this site. My coworker Rick and his wife Toni bought a new house a while back and wanted to invite all their friends over to see it and have a great house party. Then they realized this would likely trash their new house. So they came up with the idea to host the party in the two-car garage. Eventually, the epic events warranted a web site.

Update (2007/02/13): Rick's website has been gone for a while. Rick and Toni got divorced and I believe Toni is selling the house. All eras must come to an end, I'd guess. Disappointed


Psycho-Ink, an Online Gallery

Here is a sampling of artwork that was created by Ryan VanMeter, owner of ©PsychoJelly Entertainment & ©Psycho Jelly Studio.

Some of the above pieces of art are pen/ink drawings that have been scanned and some were completely done in the computer.


Bryan Farr

Bryan is an old friend from Quincy University. Rock out on his MySpace page.

For some people, its a piglet day. For others it's a piglet life...hmmm wonder which one you are?!?