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Turino Interactive

Robin Rath, another one of my coworkers from the MonsterWebDesign department, maintains Turino Interactive - Intuitive Design for the Web. His site not only looks impressive but has a Google Pagerank of FIVE!

Also check out Rob's blog at AbnormalPawprint.

Janet Lackey

Janet has two web sites: and She is another one of my coworkers in our MonsterWebDesign department.


Make-Roman-Shades: Make Roman Shades Right The First Time

Hello. I'm Debby Bowman and welcome to, the best kept Do-It-Yourself shades secret on the internet.

Why? I've helped over 81,000 women save money making their own professional quality roman shades by providing step-by-step patterns, a full line of shademaking goods and trimming services and all the assistance my customers require.

If you can sew a straight seam, manage a screwdriver and budget the time then have faith you and I can do this together. I know from many shared customer experiences that you can.

Make Roman Shades Right The First Time at


Content - coming soon...


Mini RC Cars - Welcome to

Our cars are EXCELLENT gifts and fun for both children and adults. Check out our informational FAQ page for more info on the mini rc and some fun advice. Our pricing is the best on the net!

Check out Mini RC Submarines, Cars & Micro Tanks


ACM International - Bill and Leah DeLaughter

The Vision: Our vision is to establish an indigenous, self-perpetuating, self-replicating, and self-sustaining cell based church movements.

Visit Bill and Leah DeLaughter


Nikomas Perez live, serve and grow in Christ, and to help others do the same...

A great friend of our family, Nikomas Perez has been the youth minister at Ferguson Christian Church for exactly three years. He is married to Rachel, and has a beautiful daughter about 1 year younger than my daughter named Ashland. He is younger than I am, but a wiser man of God and also an all-around fun guy. Unfortunately, our church family recently got some bad news as he and his family are moving to a different church in Illinois. We are sad to lose him and his family, but happy at the same time because we know that this is what God is calling him to do.

Check out the fabulous blog of Nikomas Perez. Good luck, Nik!

2005/11/14 - Modern contemporary furniture for your loft design

St. Louis LoftStyle makes urban loft living easy with our artistic modern furniture design pieces from Mies van der Rohe, Eileen Gray, Bertoia, Josef Hoffman, George Nelson and Isamu Noguchi. We also have modern contemporary furniture like the artistic Le Corbusier Sofa and the elegant barcelona chair. Read more about our products.



Trent Overton Photography - Digital Photographer, St. Louis Missouri

View the gallery of Trent Overton.

Creative Digital Photography - St. Louis, Missouri

Welcome To Trent Overton Photography

We hope you enjoy browsing the Portfolio of photographer Trent Overton. This site and all images copyright © 2004 by Trent Overton. All rights reserved.


Setting up a project to build an experimental site for working with RSS feeds from major news sources created There are currently several Google & Yahoo Rss Feeds.


Abydos Goddess

Kate now has three blogs and links to a few forums. Graphics are available for desktop wallpaper as well as banners for use in forums or otherwise.


Find your Geocaching Supplies at

Your online resource for all things related to the new sport of Geocaching.

Welcome to Geocaching Supplies, America’s premiere online store for all of your geocaching needs. We offer handheld GPS receivers, backpacks, compasses, geocaching books, travelbugs and much more.

Geocaching Supplies offers the most complete selection of products for your geocaching adventures!

Check out the really interesting effect on the left hand side navigation all 'mapped' out for the customer.


Learn about knitting and other crafts, Firefly/Serenity (those are TV and movie respectively), Japanime, programming and other geeky weirdness at a fun-loving site, aptly titled: I hate you all and wish you would die.


Look for Chris Stoddard on guitar - Remember: the drunker you get, the better we sound!

Ultimate Key Chains

Julia was featured in the Business Section of the St. Louis Post Dispatch. You can view the store here on - Student entrepreneurs can dream, but they also have to study & graduate

From her St. Louis University apartment, Julia Dalton takes orders for Etch-A-Sketch and Nemo key chains, runs to her parents' house where she stores her inventory, and then dashes to the post office a few times a week to mail them to her online customers.

Keychains, Basic Fun Key Chains, by Ultimate Key Chain


Air Tool & Power Tools -

Welcome to PTO! Please browse our huge selection of Air, Power, Hand, Shop and Carpentry Tools on the left side navigation bar. All transactions on this site are 100% secure. Any questions, contact Tools ship within 1-3 business days. Have a great shopping experience!

Discount Power, Air Tools and More at Power Tools Online



Two Beans in a Bucket

Jacqueline 'Jaci' Johnson is a newer coworker of mine. Two Beans in a Bucket is her site. Hey, Jaci, I'm linking to you. You should probably get your site back up and running.

Update (2007/06/25): Here is Jaci's public photo gallery on Picasa.

Jeremy's Fun Page

Jeremy Polen gets another entry because he maintains two sites. All this, and he is practically professionally indispensible. I think he works too hard. smile
Jeremy's Wonderful Page of Intranets Fun!!!


Jeremy Polen is another friend and coworker. Here is his family's home page.

Welcome to our home on the web! Look around and let us know what you think! I am working on it slowly but surely. New pages and other things will be coming soon! We are traveling a lot this summer so be on the lookout for cool pictures from our various adventures! We hope you are having a wonderful spring!


MonsterCommerce - Where I Work

My job is the best. We are poised to take over the world of e-commerce. We may or may not have the best software product in the world [I'll keep my bias to myself] but we DO have the best team supporting it. Our clients have come to find out that this really makes all the difference.

If you need a shopping cart to sell products online, the best place to look is MonsterCommerce. Check out the online storefront demo, shopping cart design and SEO features.

Florissant, MO USA - Where I live

We've been living in Florissant for the last couple of years.

Quincy, Illinois - Where I Met My Wife

There is a special place in my heart for the town of Quincy, Illinois. I went to college at Quincy University for two years and although I didn't graduate, I did meet my wife and dozens of the best friends in the world. After leaving college, I eventually moved back to Quincy, got married, had my first daughter, joined a band and started selling computers. This of course all led into me delving back into my love of computers and ... well, one thing leads to another and now you have this web site.