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J.D. Pohlman's Website

J.D. is a coworker and good friend. He has had a personal web site for longer than I've had mine. In fact, I'd have to say his was the inspiration behind mine. Notice how my first domain name was a .US extension?

My name is J.D. Pohlman. This web page has some pictures from my life. They are organized along the left by different categories, so they are easier to see. If you want the original picture, just click on the image or email with the picture name, and I'll email it to you.

His site requires a login. All you will need is your first and last name, an email address and you can also optionally choose a city and state. Login is no longer required. After the home page, the pages you view greet you by name. Among other things, J.D. is a big fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and a lot of the pictures on his site are from their games.

Update (2005/12/22): J.D. just recently bought a house! The ink is not yet dry yet, but congratulations!

Update (2006/12/30): the latest news on J.D.'s life is that he just got engaged! w00tWell Done

Update (2008/06/30): J.D. and Megan had a beautiful wedding over the last weekend.

Don Blaheta's Home Page

Don was a friend of ours from back at Quincy University.

I'm an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Knox College, in Galesburg, Illinois. I recently got my PhD in Computer Science at Brown University, having also gotten an ScM (Master of Science) in CS there in 1999, and an AM (Master of Arts) in Linguistics in 2003. Earlier on, I got a BS in CS and a BS in math from Quincy University in May '97; prior to college I went to St. Viator (grad. '93), IMSA (left '92), St. James (grad. '89), and St. Linus (left '86).


Rajean Gallagher's Homepage since 2001

Welcome to Rajean Gallagher's homepage. Rajean is 'attached-at-the-hip' to an old friend of mine from college and a good friend as well. We mainly keep in touch by email and instant message. She is a pretty good artist, a toughish feminist, an avid reader and she has an interest in genealogy. Can you spot the painting of my old buddy, Randy?