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Don Krutewicz's Urbanisms: tangy, but without the bitter aftertaste.

Update: It would appear that Don has gotten tired of blogging and has quit entirely.

Urbanism is the study of cities - their economic, political, social and cultural environment, and the imprint of all these forces on the built environment.

I purchased this domain in the fall of 2000 as an outlet to my increasing awareness and excitement about living in the city. 'Blogging' was all the rage and at the time it was a fantastic outlet to share stories, happenings and slivers of my life with friends, near and far. Unfortunately, through either growing old or luck, the purpose of blogging has changed. I see many successful web logs being carried on by friends and family, but it, regrettably, has lost it's excitement for me. Regrettably, my lust for St. Louis has wained. It's time to pursue something new.

Furthermore, the direction of my life has changed. I have settled into a very ambitious and satisfying career. Colleen amp; I are still pursuing our passions to travel, surrouding us with the cool toys we love, and enjoying life. The excitement of blogging has lost its luster, needless to say.

With that said, I do not plan to renew this September and wish my fair readers a pleasant journey through this thing called life. I've met a few people over time, whether through, or otherwise, and it's been fun. But onward and upward.

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s.Hit Factory | futile music and random thoughts

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Nils Rurack: Hi and welcome to my website, home of my random thoughts and futile music. It's been a long time since I started thinking about publishing my songs on the net. As usual, I was too busy, had something else to do or was just being lazy. Anyway, I've made a start, so come on in, look around and don't forget to sign my guestbook.

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