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Digital Analogue: Forget "where's my jetpack?", I want to know...

An old friend of ours from college --whose blog I've only just recently caught back up with-- posted an interesting question on personal technology. See the post here at Digital Analogue: Forget "where's my jetpack?", I want to know....


Derek Brink - New Year's Eve

My friend Derek has recently posted a concept piece album and story combination. I've known him as a musician for awhile and I've enjoyed his writing for some time on his website and blog. He's been and continues to be a member of Blue Tattoo and the Michael Feldman Group. Now I want to recommend his latest body of work and urge you go download it right now as it is completely 100% free! Go read and listen to New Year's Eve, a musical novella by Derek Brink.


Greentree Designs: Ithaca,NY:Website Design:Graphic Design:Logo Design

A long-time friend and one-time coworker (MonsterCommerce & Network Solutions) named Mark G. has updated his profile/portfolio site at Greentree Designs. They now have a blog and an expanded list of services.


Honoring Soldiers And Their Families

The freedoms we enjoy often come from the sacrifices of the men and women in uniform. But many times the mission abroad leaves the families back home with their own struggles.

Sunday the National Guard paid tribute to the contributions of both the troops and their loved ones.

ABC News Channel 20's Mike Brooks takes a closer look.

One of my friends, a soldier named Ryan Keeter, is featured in the video on the following page. Go to Springfield, Illinois WICS ABC 20 Newsroom. This quote is from that page.


Let Me Rule Your Heart by Rubber Universe

I've mentioned Gina and Robert before. They are two members of a band called Rubber Universe. I met them through work, but they are both accomplished musicians and damn fine people. Here's an animated video to their song Let Me Rule Your Heart. Check it out.

2009/06/30 :: Your site for stuff that is not the news!:

There's a lot of good news sites out there for those people who want to get the news. But if you want something that is NOT the news, look no further than; your site for stuff that is not the news!