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Let Me Rule Your Heart by Rubber Universe

I've mentioned Gina and Robert before. They are two members of a band called Rubber Universe. I met them through work, but they are both accomplished musicians and damn fine people. Here's an animated video to their song Let Me Rule Your Heart. Check it out.

2009/06/30 :: Your site for stuff that is not the news!:

There's a lot of good news sites out there for those people who want to get the news. But if you want something that is NOT the news, look no further than; your site for stuff that is not the news!


Strength of Will by Antonia Phillips

My friend Toni has a new poem just posted online. Here's a snippet:

We know not when we do,
We know not how we say,
We know not where we want,
We know only know that we are.

Read the full entry called Strength of Will by Antonia Phillips at


I Used To Love Her (Coming Soon)

An old friend from college is in a movie coming out soon. He's got a lot of music and spoken word projects I should have linked to by now, but here is a trailer for the movie. Mel "Romeo" Roberson is the male lead who utters the title line "I Used To Love Her". Go Romeo, go!

Update: Though I just saw this trailer on Romeo's Facebook page recently, it would appear that the movie itself has already been out for just under a year. placed it's release on June 5th, 2008.


Jer86gn on

My buddy and coworker, whose username is Jer86gn, has an account on Pixerbog for sharing his pix from his cell phone camera. He used to use Popug and I've written about his shots before.. Check out his latest shot on and view his profile page.


Blue Tattoo Gig

My friend Derek (former music minister at Ferguson Christian Church) recently had a show with his band at a place called "The Chapel". I had really wanted to go, but couldn't make it. Be sure to check out the Recap on his blog.

Nikomas for President!

My friend Nikomas (former youth minister of Ferguson Christian Church) is considering running for president in 2016, since he will be 35 years old. He would be our first Mexican president. Read all about it on his post, The First Mexident.


Handknits by Susan

mittens on flickr

Originally uploaded by handknitsbysusan

One of my wife's old grade school through high school friends has a knitting blog. We got to visit with Susan and her family over Christmas when we went to Chicago. It was a lot of fun. A recent post she wrote is a great personal story with a happy ending of her reuniting some lost mittens with their owner. Check out her full site at Handknits by Susan.

I knit and knit and knit and knit and knit...