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Rat Lifter

My Friend Ryan has a new comic book he is posting online using Wordpress and various plugins. It's called Rat Lifter. It's not clear at this point who or what a Rat Lifter is. But there's fire, muscular bad guys, falling meteors, monsters and a few random stabbings. It should be fun.


Rat Lifter

What the Hell is a Rat Lifter!? This has yet to be determined. All that is known so far is that it is the title of an upcoming webcomic. Some of the principle characters are found on these pages.

Go to Rat Lifter.


Congratulations: J.D. and Megan Pohlman

I'd like to congratulate J.D. and Megan on their great wedding over this last weekend. I got my invitation a few months back and was surprised and delighted to learn that it was going to take place in Quincy, Illinois, which is apparently where Megan's family is from. This was a double treat for my family and I because Lisa and I used to live in Quincy as well and our oldest daughter was born there.

J.D. and Megan Pohlman

I want to have a full write-up and post a recap of the night, but it's too late at night right now and I'm too tired. For now, take a look at the following two links that helped point guests to the wedding.

J.D. and Megan's Wedding

I've linked to J.D.'s website before. In fact, his personal site was one of the first that I linked to, since his stuff was a major inspiration for having my own site.


House of Rah

My friend Ryan has set up a new site and blog for posting and promoting his artwork called House of Rah.

Hello, and welcome to the online home of illustrator Ryan VanMeter. This is the place for information about current illustration rates, projects, and other things that may be going on.

I've enjoyed Ryan's mixed medium stuff since I first met him back at Quincy. His stuff is intense and usually captures a fantastical action moment with original characters. Ryan also has a current slide show of images from his flickr account on this new site. Most of what's available here currently are his original black and white renderings.

Main Gallery Preview


Two of my coworker buddies are members of a local rock band named Geedus. They are playing a show in Belleville one week from tonight.

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Quinn's Restaurant & Sports Bar
4519 N. Illinois St.
Swansea, Illinois 62226

Featuring originals & lots of new covers, as well as your favorites!

Go to for more information. I'm not sure I'll be able to make this show, but I want to and you should want to also. Rock on!

Update: Show canceled, Quinn's has closed.