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96SkateShop :: Tech Decks - Finger Boards

One of my buddies and coworkers, Nick Rodrigeuz, would like me to tell you about some of his sites:

96skateshop has all the latest Tech Decks, boards, ramps, and skateparks. We carry the top brands like birdhouse, think, element, and zero. with one of the largest selection, we are your number one place to buy tech decks.

New for 2008, The Then and Now Collector Series from Tech Deck. This new series is mixing the old school boards of the yester years with todays modern skateboards. They feature old school Santa Cruz, Foundation and Black label, as well as pro boards from Tony Hawk and Christian Hosoi. The collector series is a must have for skateboard fans young and old.

Looking to build your very own skatepark, checkout our line of fingerboard ramps and half pipes, and tech deck dudes. We feature all the major skateboard brands like girl, birdhouse, alien workshop. Please browse through our selection of tech deck toys, your shopping is secure with our encrypted shopping cart.

He also has a fan blog about --what else?-- BEER! More specifically, he has posts about his favorite Anheuser Busch product, Natural Light. Please bookmark i love natty light.

He also owns a state-by-state directory of local reggae bands at which you should check out immediately.