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Let Me Rule Your Heart by Rubber Universe

I've mentioned Gina and Robert before. They are two members of a band called Rubber Universe. I met them through work, but they are both accomplished musicians and damn fine people. Here's an animated video to their song Let Me Rule Your Heart. Check it out.


  1. Hey, thanks for the nod. Appreciate the mention :-)

    FYI - we are working on a new cd, under a new band name with slightly different members, but still including Robert and myself. Working on the instrumentation now and will be recording vocals, hopefully, early in 2010.

    Happy holidays,

  2. Thanks for the post and kind words, Jim!

    The voice over at the beginning of the song was from Eric Woolfson of the Alan Parsons Project.

    Unfortunately, Eric lost his battle with cancer this week in London.

    He was a big inspiration to all of us in RU and many other fans around the world and we will all miss him.


  3. You are both certainly welcome and thanks for stopping by this page. Robert, I saw the post you made about Eric and could tell what effect that had on you.

    Gina, be sure to let all of us know about when the new project is out and where I can link to it. Speaking of instrumentation, do you need a Trombone? Let me know! :)