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Hermess - Home of Sparky

Steve "Sparky" Walkup is a coworker of mine. I think I'll let the text on the home page of Hermess speak for itself.

Dec 1999: After bingeing on Habanero salsa, Tosatios and Strawberry Margaritas, Steve suffers a massive brainfreeze and gets amnesia.

Apr 2000: While touring with the Ringling Brothers, Steve is approached by a mysterious bald man in a wheelchair. "I can help you remember your past," he says. So Steve flies to lower Manhattan to start his training as a mutant badass.

Sep 2001: At a Memphis rest stop Steve is accosted by a mysterious bald man named Morpheus. "I can show you the way," he says. So he joins him and starts his training as a Kung Fu badass.

Jan 2002: After meeting with a mysterious bearded man in a robe, Steve flies to the Dagoba System to receive his training as a Jedi badass.

May 2003: After completing his myriad training, Steve suddenly remembers who he is, and goes back home to work on computers.


Update - 2005-08: I got a mention on Sparky's updated homepage! Steve's site and mine were both hosted on a server he controlled. Unfortunately, there were some technical issues that made us both cry, but Steve got them fixed. Apparently my prodding was.. inspiring.

Back, for now. I had to replace some hardware on the server and decided that was a good time to upgrade the software also. So now Solaris is back in its fifth version. I still have a few small tweaks to preform, but all major tasks are back online. Thx to Arco for reminding me to work on everything, without his pestering I would probably have delayed the repair of this online property.

Update - 2006-05: Neither I nor Sparky are hosted on the same server as of this month. It's gotta be strangest for Sparky as he's been the administrator of his own server for 7 years and now he finds himself in a hosting company without terminal/physical access.


My friend and coworker, Lee French has a personal website to talk a little bit about his life and showcase his adventures.

This site is an informative look into the things that make my life an adventure. I'm by no means an expert at everything I do, but I strive for success in all I do.

I've been asked by many people many different times why I do what I do. This is my way of explaining it. I will guide you through the adventures I have had and continue to have in my life. This will be an adventure, maybe not a National Geographic Special, but definitely worthy of a small paragraph buried on page 7 of the Wednesday paper.

The primary goal of this journey is a learning experience, to learn more about ourselves and others. And of course there is the chance that we might get to help some folks along the way. And that makes the trip worth while.

Check out for more information. Lee is also part of my network at / mlfrench.


This Web site coming soon

Jared Macke is a friend and coworker with a new website. Right now, all it says is "This Web site coming soon."

Update (2008/08/12): Checking on this today, the website is unavailable. I've lost touch with Jared, so I don't know his status right now.


My friend and coworker, Christian Jordan, has purchased a domain name for his family. Please visit