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Hermess - Home of Sparky

Steve "Sparky" Walkup is a coworker of mine. I think I'll let the text on the home page of Hermess speak for itself.

Dec 1999: After bingeing on Habanero salsa, Tosatios and Strawberry Margaritas, Steve suffers a massive brainfreeze and gets amnesia.

Apr 2000: While touring with the Ringling Brothers, Steve is approached by a mysterious bald man in a wheelchair. "I can help you remember your past," he says. So Steve flies to lower Manhattan to start his training as a mutant badass.

Sep 2001: At a Memphis rest stop Steve is accosted by a mysterious bald man named Morpheus. "I can show you the way," he says. So he joins him and starts his training as a Kung Fu badass.

Jan 2002: After meeting with a mysterious bearded man in a robe, Steve flies to the Dagoba System to receive his training as a Jedi badass.

May 2003: After completing his myriad training, Steve suddenly remembers who he is, and goes back home to work on computers.


Update - 2005-08: I got a mention on Sparky's updated homepage! Steve's site and mine were both hosted on a server he controlled. Unfortunately, there were some technical issues that made us both cry, but Steve got them fixed. Apparently my prodding was.. inspiring.

Back, for now. I had to replace some hardware on the server and decided that was a good time to upgrade the software also. So now Solaris is back in its fifth version. I still have a few small tweaks to preform, but all major tasks are back online. Thx to Arco for reminding me to work on everything, without his pestering I would probably have delayed the repair of this online property.

Update - 2006-05: Neither I nor Sparky are hosted on the same server as of this month. It's gotta be strangest for Sparky as he's been the administrator of his own server for 7 years and now he finds himself in a hosting company without terminal/physical access.

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