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J.D. Pohlman's Website

J.D. is a coworker and good friend. He has had a personal web site for longer than I've had mine. In fact, I'd have to say his was the inspiration behind mine. Notice how my first domain name was a .US extension?

My name is J.D. Pohlman. This web page has some pictures from my life. They are organized along the left by different categories, so they are easier to see. If you want the original picture, just click on the image or email with the picture name, and I'll email it to you.

His site requires a login. All you will need is your first and last name, an email address and you can also optionally choose a city and state. Login is no longer required. After the home page, the pages you view greet you by name. Among other things, J.D. is a big fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and a lot of the pictures on his site are from their games.

Update (2005/12/22): J.D. just recently bought a house! The ink is not yet dry yet, but congratulations!

Update (2006/12/30): the latest news on J.D.'s life is that he just got engaged! w00tWell Done

Update (2008/06/30): J.D. and Megan had a beautiful wedding over the last weekend.

Don Blaheta's Home Page

Don was a friend of ours from back at Quincy University.

I'm an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Knox College, in Galesburg, Illinois. I recently got my PhD in Computer Science at Brown University, having also gotten an ScM (Master of Science) in CS there in 1999, and an AM (Master of Arts) in Linguistics in 2003. Earlier on, I got a BS in CS and a BS in math from Quincy University in May '97; prior to college I went to St. Viator (grad. '93), IMSA (left '92), St. James (grad. '89), and St. Linus (left '86).


Rajean Gallagher's Homepage since 2001

Welcome to Rajean Gallagher's homepage. Rajean is 'attached-at-the-hip' to an old friend of mine from college and a good friend as well. We mainly keep in touch by email and instant message. She is a pretty good artist, a toughish feminist, an avid reader and she has an interest in genealogy. Can you spot the painting of my old buddy, Randy?


Welcome to!

Originally posted: 2005/08/03 @ 23:32. Carrie Drake (nee Baum) from back in high school days is married. This is her husband's site. Hi. Go Away. Yeah, that's really all it says.

Update: I checked out Fred Drake's site again recently and it turns out that he has updated his home page. There is still not much there. There are two links, one to his photo page on Flickr and something Fred probably created called XMLRPC Client for the Google Web Toolkit.



Don Krutewicz's Urbanisms: tangy, but without the bitter aftertaste.

Update: It would appear that Don has gotten tired of blogging and has quit entirely.

Urbanism is the study of cities - their economic, political, social and cultural environment, and the imprint of all these forces on the built environment.

I purchased this domain in the fall of 2000 as an outlet to my increasing awareness and excitement about living in the city. 'Blogging' was all the rage and at the time it was a fantastic outlet to share stories, happenings and slivers of my life with friends, near and far. Unfortunately, through either growing old or luck, the purpose of blogging has changed. I see many successful web logs being carried on by friends and family, but it, regrettably, has lost it's excitement for me. Regrettably, my lust for St. Louis has wained. It's time to pursue something new.

Furthermore, the direction of my life has changed. I have settled into a very ambitious and satisfying career. Colleen amp; I are still pursuing our passions to travel, surrouding us with the cool toys we love, and enjoying life. The excitement of blogging has lost its luster, needless to say.

With that said, I do not plan to renew this September and wish my fair readers a pleasant journey through this thing called life. I've met a few people over time, whether through, or otherwise, and it's been fun. But onward and upward.

If you want to keep up on a slice of what we've been up to, subscribe to our Flickr Photo feed: Flickr Photo Feed

Continued success,


s.Hit Factory | futile music and random thoughts

Hosted by

Nils Rurack: Hi and welcome to my website, home of my random thoughts and futile music. It's been a long time since I started thinking about publishing my songs on the net. As usual, I was too busy, had something else to do or was just being lazy. Anyway, I've made a start, so come on in, look around and don't forget to sign my guestbook.

Check out Nils Rurack's s.Hit Factory.


My friend and coworker David L. is into tabletop war games, like Warhammer and Warhammer 40k. He is very interested in this hobby as well as other fantasy role-playing games. He has a website devoted to his hobby at

We specialize in providing turorials on how to build the most ambitious wargames projects and scenery. Jaw dropping stares with every endeavour is our goal.

I also owe him a debt for letting me know about Toymallet, which might be the only way I myself enjoy a game like that. Why? Because it's like Warhammer, but on the cheap.


DogByteOnline - Taking a Byte Out of the Web

Doug Hopkinson, another coworker of mine, is currently Assistant Manager of the tech support department. Learn more about the man, the machine, the mystery at DogByteOnline. I've been spending quite a bit of free time lately on his site (read about the John Holmes Video Game Challenge). To quote Doug's home page - is my personal website and outlet for "expressing myself". I like to add features and material that I like and promote my friends websites.

Stay tuned for more sites and features as the weeks go by.

I have brought back the Arcade, and Forums, [and] I have just added a photo album and will be adding more pictures as time goes by.

Doug has some video games on his site in a page called the Dog-Cade. Besides the arcade, the site also has a forum powered by phpBB. Doug's main pages are built and powered by Mambo.

Doug is also setting up some ecommerce sites in his spare time. Check out designer fragrances for men and women at Also prepare to be amazed by the Commercedog.


96SkateShop :: Tech Decks - Finger Boards

One of my buddies and coworkers, Nick Rodrigeuz, would like me to tell you about some of his sites:

96skateshop has all the latest Tech Decks, boards, ramps, and skateparks. We carry the top brands like birdhouse, think, element, and zero. with one of the largest selection, we are your number one place to buy tech decks.

New for 2008, The Then and Now Collector Series from Tech Deck. This new series is mixing the old school boards of the yester years with todays modern skateboards. They feature old school Santa Cruz, Foundation and Black label, as well as pro boards from Tony Hawk and Christian Hosoi. The collector series is a must have for skateboard fans young and old.

Looking to build your very own skatepark, checkout our line of fingerboard ramps and half pipes, and tech deck dudes. We feature all the major skateboard brands like girl, birdhouse, alien workshop. Please browse through our selection of tech deck toys, your shopping is secure with our encrypted shopping cart.

He also has a fan blog about --what else?-- BEER! More specifically, he has posts about his favorite Anheuser Busch product, Natural Light. Please bookmark i love natty light.

He also owns a state-by-state directory of local reggae bands at which you should check out immediately.


Hermess - Home of Sparky

Steve "Sparky" Walkup is a coworker of mine. I think I'll let the text on the home page of Hermess speak for itself.

Dec 1999: After bingeing on Habanero salsa, Tosatios and Strawberry Margaritas, Steve suffers a massive brainfreeze and gets amnesia.

Apr 2000: While touring with the Ringling Brothers, Steve is approached by a mysterious bald man in a wheelchair. "I can help you remember your past," he says. So Steve flies to lower Manhattan to start his training as a mutant badass.

Sep 2001: At a Memphis rest stop Steve is accosted by a mysterious bald man named Morpheus. "I can show you the way," he says. So he joins him and starts his training as a Kung Fu badass.

Jan 2002: After meeting with a mysterious bearded man in a robe, Steve flies to the Dagoba System to receive his training as a Jedi badass.

May 2003: After completing his myriad training, Steve suddenly remembers who he is, and goes back home to work on computers.


Update - 2005-08: I got a mention on Sparky's updated homepage! Steve's site and mine were both hosted on a server he controlled. Unfortunately, there were some technical issues that made us both cry, but Steve got them fixed. Apparently my prodding was.. inspiring.

Back, for now. I had to replace some hardware on the server and decided that was a good time to upgrade the software also. So now Solaris is back in its fifth version. I still have a few small tweaks to preform, but all major tasks are back online. Thx to Arco for reminding me to work on everything, without his pestering I would probably have delayed the repair of this online property.

Update - 2006-05: Neither I nor Sparky are hosted on the same server as of this month. It's gotta be strangest for Sparky as he's been the administrator of his own server for 7 years and now he finds himself in a hosting company without terminal/physical access.


My friend and coworker, Lee French has a personal website to talk a little bit about his life and showcase his adventures.

This site is an informative look into the things that make my life an adventure. I'm by no means an expert at everything I do, but I strive for success in all I do.

I've been asked by many people many different times why I do what I do. This is my way of explaining it. I will guide you through the adventures I have had and continue to have in my life. This will be an adventure, maybe not a National Geographic Special, but definitely worthy of a small paragraph buried on page 7 of the Wednesday paper.

The primary goal of this journey is a learning experience, to learn more about ourselves and others. And of course there is the chance that we might get to help some folks along the way. And that makes the trip worth while.

Check out for more information. Lee is also part of my network at / mlfrench.


This Web site coming soon

Jared Macke is a friend and coworker with a new website. Right now, all it says is "This Web site coming soon."

Update (2008/08/12): Checking on this today, the website is unavailable. I've lost touch with Jared, so I don't know his status right now.


My friend and coworker, Christian Jordan, has purchased a domain name for his family. Please visit


Color the Moon

My coworker, Michelle, has a web site that she is working on.

I am glad that you were able to stop in. Right now the site is under construction. I am just loosly putting things on this site with the built in image cafe while I try my hand at some more advanced site design then I have ever done with dreamweaver. I am going to attempt to try asp or php or some server sided script. Wish me luck.

Visit Color the Moon.

2006/03/10 - coming soon

One of my coworkers, Brian Rain, has two domains that he owns but currently has no content on. They are: & That second one should give you some insight into his personality.


d e r e k b r i n k . c o m

Derek is the music minister at our church.

The primary function of d e r e k b r i n k . c o m is to promote Derek's work as a solo musician. However, Derek likes to keep busy, and he has his fingers in a lot of soups. To find out more about Derek's solo work, click on "solo." To find out about his work with the likes of Blue Tattoo and the Michael Feldman Group, click on "other projects."

So...what is Derek like? In his own words, "I'm not quite as great as some people seem to think, but I'm probably WAY better than I give myself credit for..." Read up, and judge for yourself.

Visit d e r e k b r i n k . c o m.


Chuck Sampson

My coworker, Chuck, is working with a few web pages on his Charter Web Space.

The soul. The idea of it has been tossed about on the open sea of human thought for ages. Going through my own personal maelstrom, I have come to a general crytsalization of the nature of this thing.

Check out Chuck Sampson.

Mark Logsdon

A former coworker, Mark Logsdon, has the following sites set up that might interest you.

One-stop shopping for everything that you need for planning your wedding is available. They have Wedding Ceremony Services, Jewelry and Gifts for the Bride and Groom. They are helping to make your day beautiful!

Live Fish for Pond

I'll let this site speak for itself.

Thank you all for making our first year a lunker of a success! We are going to keep doing business the same way... No hoopla, no BS, no bad attitudes... Just low prices on hearty fish delivery for lake stocking, or stocking your farm pond.

We provide delivery of live fish for pond, or lake, stocking, aquariums, eating, fishing derbys and other special events. We always have Largemouth Bass, Hybrid Sunfish, Channel Catfish, Black Crappie, Hybrid Rainbow Trout, Fathead Minnows, and Grass Carp.

Alright, now I've got to go find my fishin' pole.

Coming soon...