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2006/03/10 - coming soon

One of my coworkers, Brian Rain, has two domains that he owns but currently has no content on. They are: & That second one should give you some insight into his personality.


d e r e k b r i n k . c o m

Derek is the music minister at our church.

The primary function of d e r e k b r i n k . c o m is to promote Derek's work as a solo musician. However, Derek likes to keep busy, and he has his fingers in a lot of soups. To find out more about Derek's solo work, click on "solo." To find out about his work with the likes of Blue Tattoo and the Michael Feldman Group, click on "other projects."

So...what is Derek like? In his own words, "I'm not quite as great as some people seem to think, but I'm probably WAY better than I give myself credit for..." Read up, and judge for yourself.

Visit d e r e k b r i n k . c o m.