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Andréa and Family

Pictures of the Kuehnel's...


Get your child a Robosapien! This is not a fad toy, but a revolutionary product for educational play-tim. Visit the Robosapien Robot V2 by Wow Wee


Two Beans in a Bucket

Jacqueline 'Jaci' Johnson is a newer coworker of mine. Two Beans in a Bucket is her site. Hey, Jaci, I'm linking to you. You should probably get your site back up and running.

Update (2007/06/25): Here is Jaci's public photo gallery on Picasa.

Jeremy's Fun Page

Jeremy Polen gets another entry because he maintains two sites. All this, and he is practically professionally indispensible. I think he works too hard. smile
Jeremy's Wonderful Page of Intranets Fun!!!


Jeremy Polen is another friend and coworker. Here is his family's home page.

Welcome to our home on the web! Look around and let us know what you think! I am working on it slowly but surely. New pages and other things will be coming soon! We are traveling a lot this summer so be on the lookout for cool pictures from our various adventures! We hope you are having a wonderful spring!


MonsterCommerce - Where I Work

My job is the best. We are poised to take over the world of e-commerce. We may or may not have the best software product in the world [I'll keep my bias to myself] but we DO have the best team supporting it. Our clients have come to find out that this really makes all the difference.

If you need a shopping cart to sell products online, the best place to look is MonsterCommerce. Check out the online storefront demo, shopping cart design and SEO features.

Florissant, MO USA - Where I live

We've been living in Florissant for the last couple of years.

Quincy, Illinois - Where I Met My Wife

There is a special place in my heart for the town of Quincy, Illinois. I went to college at Quincy University for two years and although I didn't graduate, I did meet my wife and dozens of the best friends in the world. After leaving college, I eventually moved back to Quincy, got married, had my first daughter, joined a band and started selling computers. This of course all led into me delving back into my love of computers and ... well, one thing leads to another and now you have this web site.