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Learn about knitting and other crafts, Firefly/Serenity (those are TV and movie respectively), Japanime, programming and other geeky weirdness at a fun-loving site, aptly titled: I hate you all and wish you would die.


Look for Chris Stoddard on guitar - Remember: the drunker you get, the better we sound!

Ultimate Key Chains

Julia was featured in the Business Section of the St. Louis Post Dispatch. You can view the store here on - Student entrepreneurs can dream, but they also have to study & graduate

From her St. Louis University apartment, Julia Dalton takes orders for Etch-A-Sketch and Nemo key chains, runs to her parents' house where she stores her inventory, and then dashes to the post office a few times a week to mail them to her online customers.

Keychains, Basic Fun Key Chains, by Ultimate Key Chain


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