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My friend and coworker David L. is into tabletop war games, like Warhammer and Warhammer 40k. He is very interested in this hobby as well as other fantasy role-playing games. He has a website devoted to his hobby at

We specialize in providing turorials on how to build the most ambitious wargames projects and scenery. Jaw dropping stares with every endeavour is our goal.

I also owe him a debt for letting me know about Toymallet, which might be the only way I myself enjoy a game like that. Why? Because it's like Warhammer, but on the cheap.


DogByteOnline - Taking a Byte Out of the Web

Doug Hopkinson, another coworker of mine, is currently Assistant Manager of the tech support department. Learn more about the man, the machine, the mystery at DogByteOnline. I've been spending quite a bit of free time lately on his site (read about the John Holmes Video Game Challenge). To quote Doug's home page - is my personal website and outlet for "expressing myself". I like to add features and material that I like and promote my friends websites.

Stay tuned for more sites and features as the weeks go by.

I have brought back the Arcade, and Forums, [and] I have just added a photo album and will be adding more pictures as time goes by.

Doug has some video games on his site in a page called the Dog-Cade. Besides the arcade, the site also has a forum powered by phpBB. Doug's main pages are built and powered by Mambo.

Doug is also setting up some ecommerce sites in his spare time. Check out designer fragrances for men and women at Also prepare to be amazed by the Commercedog.