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2007/12/05 :: Graphic Design for Interactive Media and Print

A friend and former coworker I admire has left her daily job as a graphic web designer and is leaping into independent work as a freelance for-hire web designer.

You have reached the online portfolio of Janet Lackey. I'm a graphic designer living in the midwestern U.S. city of St. Louis, Missouri. As I approach a decade in the design field, I find what makes my career so enjoyable are the colorful variety of projects and clients I work with.

If there's anyone that can pull this off and be successful, it's Janet. So check out Also, catch up with her stuff on her blog, her LinkedIn profile and her flickr photos.

For the record, I'm not stalking her. She just has a lot of cool stuff she does online and this is just a few that I know of.

Graphic Designer


  1. Thanks for the shout! I am all over this web, no stalking required to find me :)

    I am launching a redesign in the near future, stay tuned. I am very excited about it!

  2. Janet! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a steady stream of fun and challenging work ahead of you. I'll watch for that redesign and keep in touch! ::Jim